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About Hakim Chishti

    Hakim G.M. Chishti, is one of America's leading experts on natural healing. To date more than 1,000,000 words of his insight and wisdom on natural healing, herbology, nutrition, spirituality, and dietetics have been published by leading publishers such as McGraw Hill, Grosset & Dunlap, Inner Traditions, and the Book-of-the-Month Club.

    His titles include Natural Health, Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, Handbook of Common Herbal Remedies, The Book of Sufi Healing, Guide to Calories, Sodium and Cholesterol, and also novels and poetry. His works have been translated into fourteen languages and earned him the highest praise from authorities worldwide. His articles appear in leading magazines including Ahlan Wasahlan, Muslim Journal, Vegetarian Times, East West/Natural Health, Whole Earth Review, Islamic Horizons and many others.

    Appointed as a prestigious Fulbright Research Scholar, Dr. Chishti has spent extended periods in India, Afghanistan and Pakistan studying and researching Unani Traditional Medicine. He has been invited by the governments of Afghanistan and Pakistan to represent the United States at international symposia.

    In 1974, Hakim Chishti became the first person to introduce Unani Traditional healing to the West. He translated Mizan-ul-Tibb (The Standard of Medicine), the classic Persian handbook for Unani Practitioners (hakims), Rahal-ul-Atfal (The Well-being of Children) and other classic works on Unani Traditional Medicine. These work became the foundation of his devoted efforts of the past 24 years to present the Great Tradition of Unani Healing to a Western audience.

    Also a popular seminar leader, tens of thousands of people have benefited from his advice at such forums as Omega Institute, National Herb Association, New York Open Center, National Health Federation, Islamic Society of North America and at many colleges and universities.

    His frequent guest appearances on more than 300 radio and television programs, including the CBS & NBC Networks, promoting traditional health and healing, have earned him an audience more than 40 million people.

    He earned a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree in London, and since 1976, he founded and has served as Director of the American Institute of Unani Traditional Medicine. He holds memberships in the New York Society of Naturopathic Physicians; New Mexico Naturopathic Physicians Association; and the Islamic Medical Association of US. Dr. Chishti's accomplishments are recognized by his listings in Contemporary Authors, International Who’s Who of Authors; and Men of Achievement (London).

    He presently lives with his wife and three sons in Upstate New York. He may be reached at the following address:

Hakim Chishti
The Chishti Company
P.O. Box 7249
Endicott, New York 13761-7249
Tel 607-748-2220
Fax 607-748-1677
Email: unani@chishti.com
Website: www.chishti.com/unani


Some Learned Opinions...
About Hakim Chishti's
Books, Courses & Seminar Programs

"Beautifully produced...very illuminating...
by someone who stands in the genuine tradition,
and can therefore speak with authority."

--Professor Dr. Annemarie Schimmel
Harvard University

"The most authoritative book on the
subject in the English language."

--East West Journal

"Classical herbal medicine...
still used by over half the world's
population... a practical manual."
--Los Angeles Times

"The answer to your search...thoroughly researched...
comprehensive and complete...clearly written...
carefully detailed...perhaps the finest book of its kind...
handsome in format...easy to understand and use."

--The Herbalist

"Hakim Chishti has the rare ability
to teach on several levels at once.
Don't miss this rare opportunity!"

--Lee Grotte, M.D.
Case Western Reserve
School of Medicine

"I recommend it to all patients and practitioners
who wish to broaden their horizons."

--Andrew Weil, M.D.

"A vast knowledge in theology, mysticism,
medicine, hygiene, astronomy,
and all the modern sciences.
One simply wonders at the depth
and insight of his knowledge."

--Barkat Ali
Dar-ul-Ehsan, Pakistan

"A treasure-filled experience.
For the neophyte student
it would serve as a great foundation.
For the conscientious practitioner it is
an indispensable system of therapeutics."

--Dr. Dionysious Skaliotis, A.C.
New Bedford, MA

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