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"God did not send down any disease.
without sending the remedy with it"



discovering unani healing

      My first sight of the healer who was to become my teacher caused an electrifying jolt through my head, down along my shoulders into my fingertips. He sat upon a slightly raised divan at the end of the room which served as his clinic in the heart of Kabul's oldest bazaar..."

   "An elegant aged man, perhaps in his late eighties or early nineties, he wore a sheer white beard and a long green-striped chappan robe spun across his shoulders. His head tilted slightly slantwise, and his eyelids fluttered gently, giving him the demeanor of a supreme majesty. In the corner a wood stove poured the rich aroma of hardwood throughout the room and cast a sung warmth over the dozens of people in the room---a collection of respectful men, women and children who had come to receive the healing touch and glance of Hakim Sherif---the Exalted Healer of Afghanistan.

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